Secure IP Connectivity for Hybrid Infrastructure and the Edge


This open source project implements IP connectivity-as-a-service that provides secure, isolated connectivity across any type of infrastructure.

Custom Authentication

Nexodus uses OpenID Connect (OIDC) for authentication, allowing you to choose from a broad ecosystem of OIDC providers.

Optimal Connectivity

Nexodus provides direct, mesh connectivity wherever possible, even in places where NAT or firewalls would typically prevent it.


Traffic is encrypted using Wireguard without requiring access to any device's traffic.

IP Mobility

Devices connected to Nexodus get a consistent IP address that moves with them.

Why Nexodus

Nexodus ensures people can spend less time worrying about connectivity across disparate infrastructure.

Hybrid Infrastructure Connectivity

Provide secure connectivity with consistent addressing without having to worry about differences among locations or accounting for changes if the device moves to a new location. Circumvent NAT and Firewall challenges to provide secure connectivity to the specific devices you require, regardless of where they are.


Provide isolated connectivity among a set of nodes, even if they are running across multiple network administrative domains.

Open Source

All of Nexodus is Open Source. The clients, control plane, and all support of service operations are available under the Apache License Version 2.0.

Try it now

Try the demo service operated by the Nexodus project.